Bought the standard Adams Speedline LS and am finding my drives in places on the fairway longer than ever before. Posted 29 July – I think adjustability is cool but I would rather have a fixed head that was the specs that I wanted. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. I would take a over my old D any day of the week, if I was a tour player I would play the D. The Aldila RIP is a great shaft and I am currently looking for the tour prototype 80 gram shaft on the market to replace the other with. Thank you for your comment Michael…we will make sure to include this on future reviews.

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Most of all, my ball mostly lands on the fairway. Can you provide any info on that for me?

So yesterday, the I bought on ebay for like 30 bucks comes in the mail and I run out to go drool over it at the range. If you can grab a few swings on a launch monitor to check the launch angles I could give you a better answer, but in general: Justin 8 years ago. I am keeping this driver.

ADAMS SPEEDLINE LS DFS DRIVER | Discount Prices for Golf Equipment

So depending on the type of shaft you usually use, you could go for an Alpha, Gamma, or any other custom shaft. The tape itself ads about 2 swing weights the difference between D3 and D5which most knowledgeable golfers will tell you is nearly imperceptible. Their hybrids need no endorsement from ada,s.


Check it out folks.

And I can still work the LS both fades and draws. Posted 03 August – IMHO Adams has really been stepping up their game. The weights have different colors and must match the shaft extension for proper swingweight. Low-Mid S 2. Have you played both kzg and miura? I tried the LS simply because of this review.

Adams Golf Speedline LS Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 2 reviews –

I promise you every review on those items are dead on. I didn’t realize that they were going to have adjustable face angle, loft etc as well as length. I have three LS drivers: They are very affordable now. Since our testers come from a range of handicaps, and most will admit that bad swings can happen to anyone, we protect the clubs to ensure that they look the same for all of our testers. As far as our subjective scoring is concerned, not everyone is going to agree what looks good, what sounds good, and what feels good; except all of our testers did.


More important, it was VERY accurate, consistently finding the fairway.

Adams Golf Speedline 9064LS Drivers

My ball flight is low and I use a stiff flex shaft. Any comment on how it compares to the Speedline Fast 10? David 8 years ago. Marvin, the bore on the LD is.

Adams ADJUSTABLE Speedline 9064LS

Thanks for your input. The distance was outstanding, though what sold me was the ease in which I could work the ball.

This golfer can only hope… Great review as always and objective which is why this site and these reviews are valued!!! Best of all, no gimmicky flight control add ons that most adamms never change. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

It is everything they say it is. Unfortunately the newer review style requires a ridiculous amount of very specific formatting of data to generate those charts.