Wiil be back soon. How to connect kts and laptop via bluetooth? Confirm the appropriate settings are checked, as in the figure below and Click Continue. Once the correct modules have been dragged from the left column to the right column, Click Continue. The Quick Start Guide will assist you in the initial setup and configuration to make sure that your initial experience will be as smooth as possible. Congratulations, you have successfully set up the wireless Bluetooth installation. I have tried everything and it is not possible to connect it without Toshiba stick.

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Bosch KTS Bluetooth USB Dongle for and | eBay

The resistive touchscreen display makes the DCU flexible, easy to use and responds promptly to any input. Privacy settings allow you to enable or disable cookies.

These steps should be done after the software is released on the PC. I have connected using DDC and then I have to adjust bluetooth: Imprint Legal Privacy Bosch. If your subscription is for Diagnostic software only A, C12 your update screen should look like this: Confirm that the proper components will be installed to the correct drive on your PC and Click Continue. In the Welcome window, confirm that the language setting is correct and Click Continue.


Install ESI[tronic] all the way. Hopefully that will do. Features of DCU The KTS must use the external Bluetooth dongle for the wireless connection to work. TPA – New! How to connect kts and laptop via bluetooth?

Click OK to continue.

To perform the Firmware Update at a later time, click the red circle with the line through it to bypass the Firmware Update and continue the software download: Dial from the US: The ESI[tronic] update software will now begin loading. Congratulations, you have bluetotoh set up the wireless Bluetooth installation.

Click Yes to restart the computer.

Bosch KTS 570 Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Tool

Verify power with blinking bossch light on end of unit. Another reason to buy one piece of this great laptop to the garage: Comfort cookies These cookies offer additional functionality or make the website easier to use.

These steps download data from the software DVD to your hard-drive. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on “change settings”.


Verify the correct modules are in the right column and Click Continue. Select by highlighting clicking on User Defined as the Installation type. Please take the time to read this guide to assist you in the initial setup and usage of this tool. The ESI[tronic] blustooth components window appears. The example below is for customers ktss subscribed to A, C12 Diagnostic Software. Just on top of all this steppenwolf. Start DDC bluetooth stick is plugged in and installed ; 2.

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