On Tue, 20 Jan I was considereing a cheapie router, as I have never used one, so thought I’d get a cheapie to see how much I would use it and then go for a good one if the answer was a lot! I bought a set of such batteries online fairly recently for my drill. Message 8 of They have acceptable return rate clauses in their supply contracts.

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Now why didn’t I do THAT earlier – very useful even if it doesn’t have the super-perfectly-flat-and-a-million-features of a commercial table.

Save Edits Use Original Image. Message 8 of If it’s a question of budget being an issue, something is for occasional use and limitations are accepted, then fine.

Mine stay charged for weeks and always ready for whatever job I’ve given it when I take it out again. Which ones in particular? PoP Contact options for registered users. I’ll look up the supplier shortly Message 13 of Message 6 of I suspect that is the case as voltage is the pressure which would explain that chargers are normally a higher voltage than the batteries they are charging.


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Depends where you like shopping least! John Rumm Contact options for registered users. Thanks to all for the advice.

I bought a set of such batteries online fairly recently for my drill. Easily the most awful router I’ve tried to use.

I didn’t take it back because a I’ve lost the receipt and b with hindsight I was pushing it way too hard: Having looked at the cost of those batteries. I’d post about a specific tool for specific opinions.

David Hearn Contact options for registered users. I am just surprised when people expect to buy something cheaply and expect high quality and reliability, and are shocked when they discover that there is no backup. It might have poor batteries – I don’t know. BigWallop Contact options for registered users. A clrdless volt output charger will not fully charge an 18 volt rechargeable battery. All in all, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be without it now.

PoP Sending email to my published email address isn’t guaranteed to reach me. Quote Max drilling capacity: Words such as “barge pole” existed in my recommendation to others.


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Argos do power tools that dril fine for light diy use, you can extend the g’tee to three years for a fiver. Just fettled together a board that allows me to use it inverted, clamped in a workmate, to act as a table-mounted router.

The problems included the following: Would there be any major problem if I jury rig that charger to the 18 volt battery? Keep me logged in. After asking a joiner to do a small finishing job for me and him telling cordlesd to borrow the router and do it myself, I then got the bug I went out and b&s the same as you’re thinking now, I’ll get a cheap one to see how it goes.

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