Ducts that penetrate horizontal assemblies not required to be contained within a shaft and not required by this section to have dampers shall comply with the requirements of Sections Noncombustible penetrating items shall not connect to combustible materials beyond the point of firestopping unless it can be demonstrated that the fire-resistance integrity of the horizontal assembly is maintained. Enclosures for shafts , exit access stairways , exit access ramps , interior exit stairways and interior exit ramps ; and exit passageway walls. The extent and location of such fire walls shall provide a complete separation. You should only configure provisioning package security when the package is used for device provisioning and the package has contents with sensitive security data such as certificates or credentials that should be prevented from being compromised. Vertical openings in parking garages for automobile ramps , elevators and duct systems shall comply with Section

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Vertical openings in parking garages for automobile rampselevators and duct systems shall comply with Section The joint shall be located above a ceiling. Incinerator rooms shall meet the provisions of Sections Where the room-side fire-resistance-rated membrane of the corridor is carried through to the underside of the floor or roof sheathing, deck or slab of a fire-resistance-rated floor or roof above, the ceiling of the corridor shall be permitted to be protected by the use of ceiling materials as required for a 1-hour fire-resistance-rated floor or roof system.

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Fire-rated glazing wihdows shall be marked in accordance with Tables Where the installation of a fire damper will interfere with the operation of a required smoke control system in accordance with Sectionapproved alternative protection shall be utilized. Penetrations in a shaft enclosure shall be protected in accordance with Section as required for fire barriers.

The joint shall be concealed within the cavity of a wall. Be located within 15 feet mm of the end of each wall and at intervals not exceeding 30 feet mm measured horizontally along the wall or partition.

H Meets fire door assembly hose stream test. A shaft wndows that does not extend to the underside of the roof sheathing, deck or slab of the building shall be enclosed at the top with construction of the same fire-resistance rating as the topmost floor penetrated by the shaftbut not less than the fire-resistance rating required for the shaft enclosure. Isolation systems wihdows to have a fire-resistance rating shall be protected with approved materials or construction assemblies designed to provide the same degree of fire resistance as the structural element in which the system is installed when tested in accordance with ASTM E or UL see Section Waste and linen chutes shall comply with the provisions of NFPA 82, Chapter 5 and shall meet the requirements of Sections Joints in a shaft enclosure shall comply with Section For exterior walls with a horizontal fire separation distance greater than 5 feet mmthe joint system shall be required to be tested for interior fire exposure only.


We’d love to wjndows your thoughts. Glazing in fire window assemblies shall be fire protection rated in accordance with this section and Table Penetrations by ducts and air transfer openings of fire walls that are not on a lot line shall be allowed provided the penetrations comply with Section Fire walls shall extend from the foundation to a termination point not less than 30 inches mm above both adjacent roofs.

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Penetrations in a single concrete floor by steel, ferrous or copper conduits, pipes, tubes or vents with a maximum 6-inch mm nominal diameter, provided the concretegrout or mortar is installed the full thickness of the floor or the thickness required to maintain windowe fire-resistance rating. Penetrations in a smoke barrier by ducts and air transfer openings shall comply with Section Openings shall not be limited to square feet 15 m 2 or an aggregate width of 25 percent of the length of the wall where the opening protective is a fire door assembly in a fire barrier separating an enclosure for exit access stairways and rampsand interior exit stairways and ramps from an exit passageway in accordance with Section In order to enable trusted provider certificates, you windowz set the TrustedProvisioners setting prior to installing the trusted 7708 package.

When the setting is configured, it is displayed in the Selected customizations pane. Installation of smoke doors shall be in accordance with NFPA If you don’t do this, and attempt to use a ocb version of this project on a different PC, Windows Configuration Designer might attempt to resolve the path to the files that point to the original PC.


Chapter 7: Fire and Smoke Protection Features, Building Code of Utah | UpCodes

Such isolation system protection applied to isolator units shall be suitably designed and securely installed so as not to dislodge, loosen, sustain damage or otherwise impair its ability to accommodate the seismic movements for which the isolator unit is designed and to maintain its integrity for the purpose icn providing the required fire-resistance protection. Smoke and draft control doors complying with UL shall be labeled as such and shall comply with Section Penetrating items with a maximum 6-inch mm nominal diameter shall not be limited to the penetration of a single fire-resistance-rated floor assembly, provided the aggregate area of the openings through the assembly does not exceed square inches 92 mm 2 in any square feet 9.

Ducts and air transfer openings shall not penetrate fire walls. Doors installed in the elevator lobby walls of underground buildings in accordance with Section The placeholder “XXX” represents windowa fire-rating period, in minutes. Where permitted by the door manufacturer’s listing, positive-latching devices are not required.

The required fire-resistance rating of wineows walls with a fire separation distance of greater than 10 feet mm shall be rated for exposure to fire from the inside.

Buildings or spaces on both sides of the intersecting fire wall shall assume to have an imaginary lot line at the fire wall and extending windkws the exterior of the fire wall. This is the only way to install a package without user consent. Elevator, dumbwaiter and other hoistway enclosures shall be constructed in accordance with Section and Chapter