But my problem is to scan a instruement. Message 4 of 8. I also have compared the Max settingsof the two Computers and they were the same. Message 5 of 7. The push putton changes the display of the input voltages.

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Message 6 of Simultaneous isn’t possible, but in succession is i.

Use “highlight execution” debugging to pin point which VI throws the error. Message 3 of I have a linear stair sweep program that works well so I decided to base it off from that.

Keithley ke199 Meter

Current drivers all use VISA. There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Here is the main vi and the subvi’s and Keithley SMU library. Message 1 of Lanview there a difference between installed software on the computers except the Version of Windows? Message 6 of 8. On Keithleys I have used in the past there is a pushbutton which chooses which input is active. How many measurements are you taking and at what rate?


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Message 4 of The Program isn’t able to find the relais-matrix Test card connected with the shortcutbord via a cable. And have a nice Christmas!

Message 10 of Message 5 of Most Active Software Boards: Message 3 of 4. I want a read-out of both. I already conduct test with temperature measure in first time, than measure DCV in next day.

In the old Chasis there are 7 Pickering Card. But my problem is to scan a instruement. I am reading two voltages simultaneously through the front and back panel inputs of Keithley DMM scanner.

Most Active Software Boards: These are the extern Component. See if something like this works for you.

I am trying something similar: Even then its not that accurate. Manufacturer is Automatic System Laboratories.

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What is happening in the subVI? See section of the manual. It looks like error occurs when you have a channel closed and attempt to select current measurements in some cases. Most Active Software Boards: