How can we switch what machine we are using? Open your web browser and go to www. We have a pretty robust network here, one more license than programmer and have almost zero problems with our nethasp. On windows 10 need to look in the device manager and see if the HASP is showing up. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Use your display name or email address to sign in:

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How do I create a Zip2Go file? Once you have selected your new machine, hit the green check at the bottom masttercam of your files page. Worst condition, a huge reduction in an upgrade. Use your display name or email address to sign in: Just a quick follow up on this for anyone interested. This message will be removed once you have signed in.

Custom setup sheets, same as above. The first thing you will need to update your hasp is a code file; these should be sent from your local reseller.


Follow the instructions given in the ‘info’ button of each download for install help. A prompt should pop up mastercsm “select the entities to change the level of. Not sure how the timeout is set right now. Industrial Forum Existing user? Once you have successfully created your account, validation instructions will be sent to your e-mail. Already have an account? Register a new account. Follow the installation instructions and launch the application when complete.

Subscribe to eMastercam News. I have a question about using the network HASP.

You will now be asked to link your account with your Mastercam SIM. Many accounting and business softwares use network licensing of various types.

Go ahead and click on “files”. If you have problems though they will not offer support!

If you’re interested, I’ll PM their contact info. If you are using a normal hasp, set it to “Local” and “Hasp”.

Mastercam Hasp not found! – Industrial Forum –

Or sign jasp with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. If you do not have Mastercam X7 or later installed, you will also need to install the Wibu CodeMeter which can be found here. How do I update my Hasp? Of course this problem only happens after 5PM and on weekends. Little white dongle taking up your serial port?


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I will have to look at this next week when I haxp my mzstercam Nethasp next week and should be getting all new dealer lic of the new Cimco soon to. Just change the ip addresses to match your network. This error is found when trying to import a Solidworks file into Mastercam. Industrial Forum Existing user? You must have HASP drivers installed to run this executable. Does this mean the copy is useless?

Every wireframe entity we draw from here on out will be in that new color.